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The Truth About Alice

The Truth About Alice - Jennifer Mathieu I really did enjoy this book. Mathieu does an effective job of making a particular situation look one way, only to discover there is much more to it than what the reader originally thought. I enjoy books that have the power to change your opinion of the characters and plot elements as you go along. The author also painted a realistic picture in the mind of just how much Alice was hurt by the events that play out. I really could feel her pain and pitied her….immensely. Another believable element for me was the whole high school world and how status can determine what people believe, as well as the way it influences the way they treat others. High school can be a shallow, little world of its own, and this novel captures that, completely. The ending was gold for me. I think the author makes a real statement about the kinds of people who end up succeeding in the real world—the one that lies outside the bubble of high school.